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Fall Semester 2013 Results

With 182 amazing designs received from nine schools across the country, this year's competition was
another difficult one to judge. Congratulations to all students who submitted excellent designs!

Nine prizes were awarded to student designers from five different schools.

Congratulations to First Place and Grand Prize winning designer:
Kari Smiraglia, Syracuse University

"Fathoms Below"

2013 Participating Universities & Colleges
Academy of Art University
Central Michigan University
College for Creative Studies
North Carolina State University
Stephens College
Syracuse University
Texas Tech University
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
University of Wisconsin - Madison
2013 Prize Winners

                                                                             Kari Smiraglia               1st Place           $1,000               Syracuse University

                                                                             Sarah Harris                 2nd Place            $500                 University of Wisconsin - Madison

                                                                             Sydney Sua                  2nd Place          $500                 University of Wisconsin - Madison

                                                                             Geoffrey Sykes             2nd Place          $500                 Central Michigan University

                                                                             Amanda X Martinez      3rd Place            $200                 Syracuse University

                                                                             Aleisha Maifert              3rd Place            $200                 Central Michigan University

                                                                             Iwa Mo Ng                    3rd Place             $200                 Syracuse University

                                                                             Mary Eifert                    3rd Place             $200                 Stephens College

                                                                             Morgan Green              3rd Place             $200                 North Carolina University

3rd Annual Design-A-Throw Competition

Fall 2013 Themes:  Hunting and Nautical



CLICK HERE to view all 182 entries from the nine participating schools we received.
***Please note that any entry received without signed entry or release forms was disqualified.

Thank you to all students, instructors and Professors who participated.

                                                                       About Design-A-Throw Competition

Design-A-Throw Competition is a nationwide pattern design competition open to college and university students enrolled in a graphic design, fashion, interior design, textile or any other related field.  Every Fall semester, students can submit unlimited designs that fit the competition's themes, which change each school year.   Cash prizes are awarded to the top nine designs, worth $1,000, $500, and $200.  The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000, plus a luxurious, jaquard knit throw blanket of their design.  All winning designers may see their patterns knit into a Denali Home Collection throw blanket!  Contestants that do not win a prize will retain the rights to their designs at the completion of the contest.  For more information, see our Students page or contact us at

Schools can participate

and receive scholarship donations by incorporating the competition into their curriculum as a classroom assignment.  Professors that do this will receive a $500 scholarship donation to their program, department or college from the Denali Home Collection and Monterey Mills.  Past participating schools have used this money to purchase additional equipment and otherwise re-invest in the program.  For more information on this opportunity, see our Professors page and contact us by email at

The competition is sponsored by the
Denali Home Collection and Monterey Mills.  See our About Us page for more information.

DATC 2012 Grand Prize Winner:  "Sea of Dreams,"
by Hannah Reidy

Left:  Hannah's "Sea of Dreams" jpg Submission;  Right: "Sea of Dreams," knit into a Denali Home Collection Blanket.

                                                       Competition Sponsors


                                                       About The Sponsors


March 4, 2014:            Dan Sinykin presented award checks at Syracuse University. Our Grand Prize Award went to Kari Smiraglia. Kari also received a throw made of fabric knitted in Monterey Mills' Janesville, WI plant. Amanda Martinez and Iwa Mo Ng were also awarded their 3rd place awards. Assistant Professor Eileen Gosson received her $500 scholarship donation. See the announcements for the other winning awards. All student checks and school checks have been mailed.

November 1, 2013     We are aware that some of you are having difficulty uploading your designs and/or registration forms to your profiles.  If you are ready to submit your designs but are having issues with the website, you can also submit your designs and release forms by email: send to  It's that simple!

July 31, 2013:               Students can now create and manage their profiles on the website!  This streamlined process allows students to instantly upload their designs and signed release forms up until the December 1st deadline.  To create your account, click REGISTER in the upper right hand corner of the website.

May 29, 2013
:               So far SIX SCHOOLS have announced that they will be using the competition  as a classroom assignment next Fall!  Professors who were on the fence felt re-assured by the announcement that designers who don't win a prize will have their art returned to them at the end of the competition.  Schools that get the whole class involved by using the competition as a classroom assignment will receive a $500 scholarship donation.  Every year there are ten scholarship opportunities, so only four remain.  Let us know if you plan to participate and claim your donation today!

March 22, 2013
:           All DATC 2012 submissions that did not receive a prize or honorable mention will be released back students on April 1, 2013

March 8, 2013
:             The DATC website has been cleaned up and newly improved in preparation for next Fall's Competition.  There will be additional changes throughout the summer.  While these superficial changes are being made, the core goals, awards, scholarships and rules of the competition are planned to remain the same as last year.  Any changes to these items will be clearly announced and explained in this section. 

March 6, 2013
:             The scholarship donations have been sent to colleges and universities that used DATC2012 as a classroom assignment and gave us directions on to whom we should address the checks.  Professors, if you have still not provided this information, please do so ASAP so that we can get your scholarship in the mail!

March 5, 2013:            The 2nd annual competition has come to a close!  A complete wrap up is on Fall Results 2012, including the placement of the winners and their prizes, the top nine designs and the full list of schools that sent in designs. 
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